The Susquehanna Heartland Coalition and Geisinger Health System Make Medication Disposal Safer and Easier

In the past, someone with leftover medications had few choices for disposal. Flush it and harm water quality? Throw it in the trash and affect the environment that way? Wait a year until someone has a drug take-back program? There has to be a better way! That’s what the Susquehanna Heartland Coalition and Geisinger Health […]

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Millersville Students Kayaking

What is Environmental Advocacy?

If someone were to ask you, “What is Environmental Advocacy?” would you be able to provide an answer for them? The students of Millersville University’s first environmental advocacy class, led by Dr. Justin Mando, spent a semester trying to pick apart the meaning of that question together. Their investigation began with a trip down the […]

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PA Spring Bass Fishing Ban Staying Put – for Now

Swayed by the concerns of many Pennsylvania anglers, the state’s fishery managers decided Tuesday not to lift a springtime ban on smallmouth bass fishing in the middle and lower Susquehanna and lower Juniata rivers. The eight-member Fish & Boat Commission voted unanimously to extend the spawning season catch ban for at least another year, requesting more evidence […]

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Branden S. Diehl—Owner Earth Wise Consulting

In 2001, Branden S. Diehl formed Earth Wise Consulting. Branden has a BS degree in geology, environmental studies, and surface water hydrology, with an additional minor in politics. He is a 2001 Juniata College graduate. He has an extensive background in project development, financing, grant writing and project management. Diehl serves as the grant and […]

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Susquehanna River Science: Research, Education and Advocacy

My River Story Growing up fishing the tributaries to the Susquehanna River helped me to weave a connective thread with water, the surrounding environment, and the interactions and influences of humans on these seemingly separate ecosystems. However, the circuitous route to get to this point in my understanding of this complex relationship has been as […]

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